Mother’s Day Special: Ann Nyberg

My Grandmother, Hanna Lovisa Johansson was born and raised in a small town in Sweden. Hanna was one of 8 children. Hanna came to America in her 20′s with only a 6th or 8th grade education, her schooling had been in a one room schoolhouse in her homeland. In the 1920′s she, and at least … Continue reading »

Mother’s Day Special: Kelly Hoey

Charm School – 10 Things I’ve learned from my “mothers” – inspirational, opinionated, strong women, from G.G. to Margarete, Belle and Connie, to Candis and Julia Kelly, whose friendships and guidance are part of my life-story: 1. Having good posture is powerful. 2. Age is an attitude – and as you can’t change your age, … Continue reading »