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July 2012

Lexa Hillyer – 30s, American entrepreneur & editor

May 2012

Shiphrah Meditz – 20s, American student & filmmaker

April 2012

Sima Hojaij – 20s, Lebanese environmental consultant

Judy Nogg – 60s, American story analyst & non-profit director

March 2012

Erica Bartle – 30s, Australian blogger, journalist & teacher

Erica Dhawan – 20s, American entrepreneur, writer, speaker & consultant

February 2012

Deborah Buresh Jackson – 50s, American tech entrepreneur

Kelly Hoey – 40s, entrepreneur & connector (1st interview – Oct 2010)

Veronika Sonsev – 30s, American tech entrepreneur

January 2012

Suzanne Bates – American executive coach, author and entrepreneur

Sally Kohn – 30s, American community organizer & political commentator

Adelaide Lancaster – 30s, American entrepreneur & author

Lisa Rohleder – 40s, American acupuncturist & social entrepreneur

November 2011

Amanda Telford – 40s, American entrepreneur

Holly Lynch – 30s, American communications entrepreneur

October 2011

Sandra Ann Miller – 40s, American screenwriter & author

Kristen Dolle – 20s, American entrepreneur & media executive

Mamta Patel – 30s, American NASA engineer

Laxmiben Patel – 60s, business owner

Pamela Spencer Balagué – 30s, entrepreneur from Paris, France

September 2011

Elizabeth Crowell – 40s, American entrepreneur & angel investor

Emily Jacometti – 20s, Dutch tech entrepreneur

Karen Sluis – 40s, Dutch civil engineer

Carla Thompson – 30s, American tech entrepreneur

Kelly Anderson – 40s, American documentary filmmaker & professor

August 2011

Sharon Wood – 50s, American tech entrepreneur

Julie Morey – 50s, American chief creative officer

July 2011

Nancy Bauer – 50s, American philosophy professor

Erica Ayisi – 20s, American broadcast journalist working in Ghana

June 2011


Emily-Anne Rigal – teens, American non-profit founder & director

Jen Scheer – 30s, American space outreach advocate

May 2011

Leela Cyd Ross – 20s, American writer & photographer

Michelle Thyen – 30s, American non-profit director

Mary-Beth Vigneron – 40s, American, financial services director

Mother’s Day Special: Kelly Yang

Mother’s Day Special: Anne Ditmeyer

Mother’s Day Special: Ann Nyberg

Mother’s Day Special: Lex Schroeder

Mother’s Day Special: Kelly Hoey

Mother’s Day Special: Julie Zeilinger

Mother’s Day Special: Selena Rezvani

Mother’s Day Special: Clotilde Dusoulier

Mother’s Day Special: Melissa Harris-Perry

April 2011

Shannon Rankin – 30s, American visual artist

Katarina Matsson – 20s, Swedish freelance journalist based in NYC

Deborah Berebichez – 30s, American physicist & TV host

Anne Ditmeyer – 30s, American graphic designer & blogger living in Paris

March 2011

Jacki Zehner – 40s, American investor & philanthropist

Marion Chapsal – 40s, French consultant

Jess Weiner – 30s, American entrepreneur & self-esteem expert

February 2011

Jacqueline Thong – 30s, Canadian social entrepreneur, CEO and founder of Ubiqi Health

Simone Ross – 40s, British osteopath

Julie Zeilinger – teens, American student & blogger

January 2011

Magdalena Hutter – 30s, German documentary filmmaker, cinematographer & photographer

Hilarey Kirsner – 30s, American producer & president of Women in Film and Video DC

Emily Abt – 30s, American writer & director

Kelly Yang – 20s, social entrepreneur

December 2010

Elena Salvoni – 90s, Italian maître d’, living in London

Olimpia Zagnoli – 20s, Italian illustrator

Dorie Greenspan – American food writer

November 2010

Alicia – 30s, American tech entrepreneur

Manisha – 40s, American personal financial expert

Laura – 30s, American psychologist

Beth – 50s, American writer & journalist

Rachel – 20s, Australian writer & editor

October 2010

(In addition to running interviews, this month we also covered the 2010 Women’s Forum Global Meeting, which took place in Deauville, France.)

Stella – 20s, American social entrepreneur & branding executive

Kelly – 40s, American entrepreneur & connector

Tirza – 60s, American professor, art historian & independent curator

Mary – 40s, American academic administrator, writer & activist

September 2010

Sara – 50s, American property development consultant, living in London

Pamela – 30s, American architect

Alexandra – 20s, American filmmaker

Erica – 40s, American non-profit director

Joanne – 50s, American film festival director

Wendy – 40s, American documentary producer & independent filmmaker

August 2010

Melissa – 40s, American blogger & film festival producer

Emily – 20s, American social entrepreneur

Emily – 20s, American medical student & non-profit director

Amy S. – 30s, American author, columnist & screenwriter

Lisa A. – 40s, American stay at home mother & blogger

Nichole – 30s, American copywriter

Jessica – 20s, American typographer & illustrator

Clare – 20s, British illustrator

July 2010

Selena – 30s, American leadership development consultant

Lee – 30s, British leadership development consultant

Aimee – 40s, American fiction writer & college professor

Elissa – 40s, American writer & graphic designer

Natalia – 20s, half-Italian half-Colombian entrepreneur based in NYC

Janet – 50s, American entrepreneur

Tammy T. – 20s, American social entrepreneur & digital storyteller

Celine – 20s, French IT engineer living in Germany

Melissa – 30s, American professor and writer

June 2010

Lex – 20s, American entrepreneur

Therese – 40s, Canadian documentary filmmaker, living in NYC

Clotilde – 30s, French food writer

Shelby – 20s, American feminist organizer

Julia – 30s, American social artist & teacher, living in Spain

Ann C. – 50s, American chef & food reform advocate

Axelle – 30s, French foreign rights manager

Chiara – 30s, Italian journalist

Susannah – 40s, American non-profit director

Laurel – 30s, American writer

May 2010

Heather – 40s, American comedian

Emily – 30s, American novelist

Tammy C. – 30s, American tech entrepreneur

Ann N. – 50s, American television newscaster

Danah – 30s, American researcher & scholar

Yaya – 20s, American MBA student, living in France

April 2010

Leonora – 20s, American magazine writer, living in France

Kate – 20s, Canadian ESL (English as a Second Language) teacher, living in France

February 2010

Cathy – 40s, Canadian cartoonist

Priya – 20s, American financial analyst

December 2009

Liza – 50s, American cartoonist

November 2009

Charlotte – 20s, French photojournalist

Amber – 30s, American fundraising professional, living in France

Lindsey – 20s, American marketing & communications professional, living in France