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Mother’s Day Special: Kelly Hoey

By May 6, 20113 Comments

Charm School – 10 Things I’ve learned from my “mothers” – inspirational, opinionated, strong women, from G.G. to Margarete, Belle and Connie, to Candis and Julia Kelly, whose friendships and guidance are part of my life-story:

1. Having good posture is powerful.

2. Age is an attitude – and as you can’t change your age, change your attitude.

3. When preparing for a dinner party, set the table first – your guests will think something is coming.

4. Whatever you do in life, strive to be the best.

5. The dishes can wait. Really.

6. Save the apologies.

7. Make your own bed.

8. Ambition never ever really dies.

9. Friendships transcend generations, and first marriages.

10. Sometimes, you need to eat dessert first.

Kelly Hoey

Kelly Hoey is an entrepreneur, non-profit board director, mentor, connector and Pipeline Fund fellow.

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– Interview by Elena Rossini


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