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Mother’s Day Special: Anne Ditmeyer

By May 8, 20113 Comments

Growing up I assumed it was normal to have a mom would wake up early to help you make crafts, go to the library so you could check out the same book (about bears making crafts), and was the leader of your Camp Fire troop, helping organize activities and outings for you and your friends. As I get older I’ve learned that’s not always the case; I just got lucky.

I’m not sure if it was because I was a really good kid (I’d like to think that helped) or I just had a really awesome mom, but I didn’t get yelled at much (probably helped that I was “the quiet one” back then). The one memory that really sticks out with me is when I was chasing my brother around the house and called him a “B*TCH.” First my mother sternly, yet calmly, responds that that’s enough. Then makes the second point that my terminology was off, and taught me the proper phrase for men. Oh, the lessons in life.

One thing my parents both have greatly instilled in me is the love and appreciation of travel. My mother studied abroad, worked abroad, and traveled abroad all before I was ever in the picture. Without really realizing it, I suppose I’m following in her footsteps, and travel is in my blood. It makes us rich in experience if nothing else, but I like to think we do well all around.

Now as I complete another chapter of my life (a second Master’s degree), my mother continues to give me endless support. She edits my thesis. She’s my computer guru who is the first person I call if I have something to troubleshoot, even for design work (not bad for someone in their late 60s). She tells me to value myself and my work, and despite all sorts of awesome low-paid or no-paid opportunities out there, reminds me of all my talent and experience (and student loans). And she tells me about little things in life from the kudzu growing in the backyard, or the family of foxes who visited the neighborhood. I wish my Master’s degree would turn into a million dollars so I could send my mom (and dad) on a nice trip, but until it does I will just have to tell her how much I love her and thank her in creative ways.

Anne Ditmeyer

Anne Ditmeyer is a freelance graphic designer and social media specialist, specifically interested in travel, place branding and crossing cultures. Anne is also a blogger (Prêt à Voyager) and a contributing editor for design*sponge.

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