Ines Almeida, 30s, Social Entrepreneur

I first came across Inês’ wonderful work two years ago, while researching girl empowerment communities for my documentary project The Illusionists (for which Inês eventually became an ally, supporter and sponsor). I was instantly captivated by Inês’ vision, drive, determination, and altruism. Her enterprise 7Wonderlicious is focused on overturning gender stereotypes, empowering girls to achieve … Continue reading »

Emily-Anne Rigal, 17, Non-Profit Founder & Director

What is your name, age, and location? Emily-Anne Rigal, 17, Virginia. What is your profession? Officially, I am a high school student graduating in Spring 2012. I am also an Internet Personality known as “Schmiddlebopper,” and the founder of WeStopHate, a nonprofit program raising “teen-esteem” (self-esteem in teens) through online videos and social media. What … Continue reading »