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Quotes: Jane Campion

By February 21, 2012No Comments

I would love to see more women directors because they represent half of the population – and gave birth to the whole world. Without them writing and being directors, the rest of us are not going to know the whole story.

I think women don’t grow up with the harsh world of criticism that men grow up with, we are more sensitively treated, and when you first experience the world of film-making you have to develop a very tough skin.

My suspicion is that women aren’t used to that. They must put on their coats of armour and get going.

– Jane Campion

(b. 1954) New Zealand film director and screenwriter. In 1993 she was awarded the prestigious Palm D’Or by the Cannes Film Festival for her film The Piano. She’s the only female director to have ever won that prize.

Source: The Telegraph (UK) May 16, 2009


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