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Milestones: Happy 1st Anniversary

By October 12, 2010No Comments

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of the first post on No Country for Young Women. We’ve come a long, long way. By rather serendipitous coincidences, on the week of the project’s first anniversary I am also publishing the 50th interview (of a woman who personifies our values) and I am traveling to Deauville to attend the prestigious Women’s Forum, a 3-day gathering whose mission is to promote gender equality.

Many distinguished women whose work I admire tremendously will be there: I am counting down the hours to the conference opening, with a speech by French economic minister Christine Lagarde and former PBS president Pat Mitchell. My participation at the conference has been made possible solely thanks to the work on this very project.

On top of all this, with the help of uber-talented collaborator Patricia De La Garza, today I officially finished the business plan for the project. The goal? To raise funds to allow me to conduct 100 video interviews over 2 years, showcasing 10 different countries. So, if you are wondering what the plans for the future are, here is your answer: a broader look at the professional lives of women, comparing and contrasting experiences in Iceland and Costa Rica, Egypt and India…

The project – a labor of love that I started on my own a year ago today – could not have survived without the help and dedication of many men and women. In primis, the wonderful and ultra resourceful Haley Hogan (the first person to join me on the NCFYW team). Jessica Gross and Eve Richer – the two other terrific editors. And all the friends and acquaintances who have supported the project with kind words of encouragement and referrals to amazing women.

One year later, the interview that stands out the most in my memory is one that has yet to be published. It will be a video of the oldest interviewee yet: 90-year-old Elena Salvoni, a legendary maitre d’ in London, whom I had the honor to meet last month. Meeting her has been one of the most humbling and galvanizing experience of my entire life. Her kindness, warmth, and generosity are unrivaled. And so are her energy and her passion for working. I look forward to sharing Elena’s video interview with you in the near future. I hope that thanks to it (and thanks to the other interviews that we are running on the site), you too will feel inspired and energized. That has been my goal from day one.

Thank you for all your kindness and support and I look forward to the next 50 interviews.



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