Clare Owen, 20s, Illustrator

From the archives: this interview with Clare originally appeared on the site on August 3rd, 2010. What is your name, age, and location? Hello, my name’s Clare Owen, I’m 24 and I live in the UK. What is your profession? I work for an ethical beauty company and am also an illustrator. Though I’m hoping … Continue reading »

Simone Ross, 40s, Osteopath

Simone is a British physician who has worked at the forefront of osteopathy for over two decades: she started practicing at a time when osteopathy was still classified outside the realms of medicine, as an alternative cure. In addition to being an accomplished osteopath, with two practices in central London, Simone is also the mother … Continue reading »

Elena Salvoni, 90s, Maitre d’

Today I have the honor of bringing you this interview with a legendary figure in the London restaurant scene. During a career that spanned seven decades, 90 year old maitre d’ Elena Salvoni has catered to a long list of icons – from Princess Diana, to Sean Connery, Maria Callas, and Ella Fitzgerald (to name … Continue reading »