Elena Rossini

Founder, Editor-in-Chief. Producer, Cinematographer & Editor of the Video Series

Elena is a filmmaker and digital media producer. Born and raised in a small town near Lake Como, she left Italy at the age of 18 and since then she has lived and worked in the United States, England, and France. Dove Sei Tu is Elena‘s first feature-length film, a 90-minute drama set in between Milan, Lake Como, and Rome, Italy. Recent projects include the experimental documentary Direction, juxtapositing images of Tokyo and Paris, Ideal Women, and The Illusionists, a feature-length documentary about the marketing of unattainable beauty. Elena currently shares her time in between Paris and Milan.


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Eve Richer


Eve is a teacher, researcher, and aspiring filmmaker. Since earning her degree in psychology at the University of Pennsylvania, Eve has lived and traveled in the U.S., Europe, Argentina, and Brazil. A Fulbright Fellowship took her to São Paulo in 2009, where she collaborated on a cross-cultural body image study and taught creative writing and digital videomaking to English language learners. Her writing has been featured in Time Out: São Paulo. She is currently working on a feature-length screenplay and producing a short documentary for a nonprofit organization.


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Haley Hogan

Editor; Co-Producer and Editing Assistant of the Video Series

Haley is a writer and performance artist interested in issues of female sexuality, body image, and the mediation of modern technology in relationships. She studied creative writing and art history at Yale. Her senior thesis, Slim Aarons, The Jet Set, & The Indifferent Body, discussed the postwar society photographer, Slim Aarons, in the context of the Early Renaissance paintings of Pieter Bruegel. Her performance art pieces have been installed at the Yale Center for British Art, the Yale University Art Gallery, and most recently, Paris Fashion Week. Raised in New England, she now lives in Manhattan and writes novels and screenplays.

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